at 50 years of age and kids gone, i opened to my wife my desire to have a "shared wife" marriage. our evolution comes in waves. when i expressed a particular desire for interracial lovers, she was game on for that.

i would not say we have a cuckold in that denial, shame, sissy is not part of the deal. i do however assist in every way possible: finding suitors, preparing toy bag, stocking condoms, buying clothes, preparing the room, etc.

enjoy this tumblr. i will attempt to capture real people with a shared wife theme with a dash of tasteful eros thrown in where appropriate.

I found all of these pics from other tumblrs and around the internet so I don't own any of them unless otherwise stated. If you own any and want them removed just send me a message.

9th June 2013

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Foreplay is not for beginners

Foreplay is not for beginners

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